Monday, April 28, 2014

Spring Break Festivities

Over Spring Break, I did a great and many things. It went from dad's Barbershop Performance to hiking a mountain with the boyfriend to helping sister&bro-in-law move to seeing the Mesa and Gilbert LDS Temples to seeing the movie Divergent to watching movies on Netflix to visiting with old friends to making cookies to sleeping in to cuddling with the Lexinator to getting the oil changed in my car to hosting a very fun and sweet party!!

My grandpa offered to read the Ensign to me. I happily accepted.

 I threw a SWEET party. It was a dessert potluck with a game of life size Candy Land and a movie involving sugary sweets.

The sweet and headache zone. (am I the only one who gets headaches after eating many sweets?/

 My photogenic boyfriend:...                  my photogenic self:...

This boyfriend of mine took me out on a wonderful date in Mesa allllll day!
We went to the Mesa Temple, the Gilbert Temple, then out to eat, then to a nearby park to digest.

 :at dinner:

                                                                                    Hayden always falls asleep when I hold his hand:
I edited this picture of us hiking because I looked awkward    
but it did not do much :/

good times all around!

Friday, March 14, 2014

The Time Has Come!!!

Spring Break is here!!!!!!!!


 I took a test in accounting this morning. After I finished with extreme confidence in knowing I would receive an A+++, I felt as if the spring air was fresher. My hands were in the air and the wind blowing in my face. It was like the weather changed to be perfect for me! The pools were calling my name! I has a strong desire to jump into a pile of flowers! I will finally catch up on sleep! I will finally take my time painting my toenails and show them off through my flip flops alllllll this next week with no one to stop me! I have been anticipating this moment for a few weeks. There are people I would like to thank at this time: Mother, thank you for the life I am living. Boyfriend, thank you for being the best. Instructors of college, thank you for assigning homework up the wazoo so I could work like a boss and truly enjoy spring break. Roommates, thank you for doing your dishes this morning.

I have so many fun things planned and scheduled. Here is a list of what I will be getting myself into:
-slip n slide in front yard
-run every day
-build a fort and watch a movie
-My SWEET Party!
-Temple trip (3)
-hike Camelback Mountain
-go on date with handsome boyfriend
-swim with sister
-get my bronze on with the sister
-cook dinner for family
-watch movie while on trampoline
-frozen yogurt run
-chill with grandpa Delos
-cut my hair
-cuddle with my puppy boo
-to be continued...
-post-blog these activities

Photos will follow.

Friday, February 28, 2014

college thoughts...

I don't remember anything academic from my first year of college, especially my first semester. Usually I am referred to what one might call a 'crazy dancing machine that explodes with crazy happiness all the time' --I guess you would understand what I mean if you knew me personally--But anyways, my memory fall 2012 is a blur. Let's be honest, does anyone remember the first semester of college? I knew I would have a blast anywhere I was. Its my natural way about life. I also knew going to a small college in a small town with a largely populated Mormon community would be bodacious. OH MY WORD! I made so many new friends all at once and we always would do crazy things! Usually involving bon-fires by the river, riding in the bed of someone's truck, or dance parties at friends' houses.

Now. As of late, I, and many others have noticed a change with me. It was perceived as a concerning change. To be honest I was getting tired of people thinking there was something wrong with me. At times it was hard to keep my cool when I was approached about my personality. The truth is, there is no specific reason I am the way I am now. I have been more focused on school work, preparing to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and probably just hit a good bubble of maturity. I don't hang out in large co-ed groups all the time anymore because A. half of my friends are serving missions and B. the other half is all married and that would just be awkward. "Wow Melanie, haven't you made nay *new* friends?" Of course, but it truly is not the same as those friends made my first year of college. There are a couple reasons I don't go hang out with a ton of people all the time. I am dating someone that I am so head over heels for and he lives in another state than me. I want to be cautious with appropriate settings for my situation. For example, being in a relationship and constantly hanging out with a group of the male gender. I still have guy friends but I am careful because I am 200% faithful to my boyfriend. He deserves the best and I will be the one to treat him as so. Another reason is that as I am in the Sophomore year of college, my courses are more difficult. Lastly, my roommates and I get along so well and we have a lot of fun together just being home or whatever.

All in all, don't you fret. Melanie has always & will always be a super social butterfly. I still make friends left and right and have a phenomenal social life (if I do say so myself). Compared to my first year of college I have....matured? swooned over a man? or maybe just found new focuses? Whatever the exact reason may be, I have changed and it is awesome because I am still awesome. And that statement does not make me superior or conceited. I know it, I love it, I live it!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Quotes: Phase 1

WARNING: These quotes are all anonymous because I wouldn't want to embarrass anyone who I have caught  saying things that made me giggle or caught me off guard. Some of the quotes I have collected are from church settings. Just to keep the correct moods, I will separate the quotes into 2 categories. The Funnies and The Gospel Truth. I am so excited to make you enjoy pieces of my life!!! Please read below.

The Funnies

  • Ive always thought, 'why run when you can skate there?...that's when you say 'get thee behind me Satan!'
  • I'm just so happy with you' "I'm Batman"
  • There was a noodle on my watermelon juice!! ...and yeah that is the weirdest thing I've ever said.
  • If macaroni and cheese has a sister, it would be your lip.
  • Melanie is as cute as a button, but buttons aren't cute. She's like a llama..a baby llama.
  • 'Are you still living in the Residence Towers?' "No, we're in Egypt"
  • Sometimes we just need people in our life that we can look at and say 'ew'
  • 'Everyone has hair' "No. Voldemort doesn't have hair"
  • Okay. You have a kissing limit. You passed it 30 kisses ago.
  • Your body is a temple. No. Your body is a hut.
  • I'm glad you still want to be my friend. 'Yeah well you've kind of grown on mold'
  • Oh don't have to do anything for me to love you. Like...if you were jello, I'd still love you every second.
  • Oh oh I just got sucked into a rainbow!
  • I think drinking leads to hipsterism.
  • I feel like crap on toast.
  • You cant stretch your butt, that's stupid.
  • You're so cute. I just want to wrap you up in a napkin and take you home.
  • Mel, are you made out of jello? Tell me the truth.
  • H, tell me something I don't know about you. 'I have chronic diarrhea'
  • 'Bahh! You are so...NOT graceful today!' "I'm a BOY! and I'm excited for Christmas!"
  • 'Okay ese' "I'm not your ese, I'm your final"
  • You're so cute. I want to tickle you until you fart.
  • 'Bill Gates scares me' "What do you mean?" 'His quotes scare me'
  • I'm so nice to you, I'm like Hitler to everyone else!
  • You're so cuuuuuute! I just wanna pull your nose.
  • 'Ouch!' "What?" 'I hit my elbow and I have tender flesh'

The Gospel Truth

  • First observe, then serve.
  • Without the family, there is no plan; There is no reason for it.
  • Salvation is personal & Exaltation is a family matter.
  • Don't miss an opportunity to grow.
  • An individual who is arrogant or who lets his or her emotions influence decisions will not be powerfully led by the Spirit.
  • There is no shortcut to excellence or competence
  • Our mistakes of the past don't define us, they refine us.
  • Negative thoughts are the termites of the soul.
  • Sometimes the decisions we think we make, we don't make at all. Our will has no part in the decisions our genes dictate.
  • The more we give to the Lord, the more he will give us opportunities to use our agency.
  • A change of heart is a change of motive.
  • The Holy Ghost is the cleansing agent of the Atonement.
  • You don't know everything, but you know enough....we were built to succeed. 
  • The past is to be learned from, not lived in.
  • When you love what you do, everyday is a holiday.
  • The problem isn't the problem. The problem is how you handle the problem.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

its about dang time to get serious with blogging

I am Melanie. I live a very full and exciting life. I feel it is the best idea if I share pices of my life with the world on a blog. Lo and behold I have a blog, but do not turn to it when I would like to scribe. ITS TIME TO DO THAT NOW!! I will from now on blog my daily thoughts of wishes or dreams or memories or pictures of my life.

First things first this is my life now. I attend small Jr. College and love it with every heart beat I own (which is all of them). I just finished my first semester of college. How was it? I had 20.5 credits and still was wild enough and had so much fun I was crowned Homecoming Queen. Crazy huh? I also managed to make a bazillion friends who I all love. --It is funny how I have never said the words "I love you" more in my life than I have in college. I just love my friends! I feel that I have often worried my mother with all the fun stories I tell her of the things I have done with my friends in the small town I live in. I am glad to announce I received all A's and a couple B's for my final grades. School is always first in my book. I moved away to another city for a reason-my education-and it is something I take seriously because what I learn now will prepare me for my career.

What else? I love life so much and I hope you can see that as I start to post my life from now on!!! :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

To my dear friend Madeline--

I was far from forgetting about our Eastern trip. I think I was just to overwhelmed about the fact I had one of the most fun trips, that I was afraid I could not even come close to sharing our experiences. Therefore:

Summer officially started the day I hopped on board a smelly (I was just a seat or two away from the bathroom..NEVER AGAIN), uncomfortable seat on the airplane on the way to Boston. There I would meet my parents, then soon meet our good family friends.

The first night we spent in New York at a hotel where the elevator was quite confusing to operate, only because the lobby had 3 stair steps up to the level where the first rooms were. That 3 steps made a button in the elevator.

The next day we spent in New York. Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and of course some street performers that claimed they could fly-too bad the fathers of the pack were more interested in getting their grub on than watching an impossible mission!!

Second day was full of educational Boston tours. Im talking buses, maps, and more boring stuff like Paul Revere's house.

Third day was still in Boston, except this time the kids got to split from the tours that the parents were enjoying!! We would have gotten lost if it weren't for my excellent map reading talent. Thank you me.

The fourth day was probably my absolute favorite because we took a boat out to Nantucket Island. Here, the girls bonded. We shopped, wished we could buy, and got sunburnt being stranded when we couldnt all fit in the smart car. It still was a successful day. We ended the fun with all hanging at a perfect beach with soft sand and nice waves.

GREAT VACATION. Thank you to my parentals for taking me and paying for me!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Apologies!!!

What a shame to live such a crazy life as mine, and not spend a couple lousy hours sharing my experiences to the world.......Here Goes My Summer Thus Far in the year 2011

1. Attempt to get rid of Ankle Tan

2. Girls Camp (see my moms blog for details) but UTTER AWESOMENESS. Me&Rachel+ crazy 1st years= Endless Nonsense Laughing

3. EFY in Thatcher-coolest company EVER, best spiritual experiences, crazy funny people, Rap for Variety Show!!

4. 4th of July, Party with the cousins, lighting fireworks while yelling "AMERICAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA". And the occasional backfire of old snappers and fire boomers resulting in burnt hair...

5. I got my nails did for the first time :) Holy Moley I will never get them done again. Why? Because I am a working woman and you cannot work with nails. Its even difficult to type this up right now.

That is it so far, this is quick but I am only trying to get up to date before its too late.